Discover Your Personal Power Palette

Get to know your Self on a different level and learn to understand and work with YOUR color energies so you can move forward with confidence, clarity and consistency.

November 8-10, 2022

A Created Life Strategies Women’s Retreat.

Are You…

Hesitating on the threshold when faced with moving forward?

Feeling stuck or a little overwhelmed and wish there was something you could depend on to help you in your choice-makng process?

Terrified you’ll make the wrong choice…. again?

Find a new level of consistent confidence and clarity.  IT IS POSSIBLE!

(Watch video below)

Transform your life in 3 days!

Yes. It is possible. I said it, and I’ll prove it. But you have to be willing to do the work, too. 

We will begin our days with a meditation to ground and open, release and reflect. The Colorisity System works and I’ve seen it change lives many times. It is my fondest wish that it will do the same for you. 

Disclaimer: This system is not a cure-all. It doesn’t magically fix everything that’s wrong in your life. But it will make transformation possible in that you will have new tools to use to build your Created Life of Power, Passion and Possibility. 

Your Secret Self

Who are you really? Is there a powerful, passionate woman hiding within someone just going through the motions every day? Isn’t she someone you’d like to get to know better? Maybe make friends with? Maybe even love?


Your Colorisity Natal Chart opens the door to where your Secret Self is waiting.


The Colorisity System is based on DeBorah Beatty’s lifelong observations. Born with an intuitive ability to perceive people as color, working with a spectrum of 9 colors, each having particular attributes, she created the system that is Colorisity today.


Learn the system and how to use it

1:1 VIP Sessions

Each participant will receive a VIP Session with DeBorah to discover your Personal Power Palette.


All the ways to use your color rays


Intuitive reading using the Colorisity Oracle Deck


Comprehensive Color Ray Report


Interacting with fellow participants is fun and exciting as you get to see them blossom as you do. The event is structured so that there will be learning time as well as free time to encourage you to get to know each other.


Welcome Dinner/Orientation


Completion/Celebration Event

Cannon Beach WOW Weekend

Women’s Only Weekend (as it used to be called) started as a pajama party with friends at a local hotel in Cannon Beach in 2008. Over the years, it has grown and evolved to be inclusive to all — not just women — as many attendees brought along their partners and kids to just relax and have fun on their own while they attend the classes, activities, and shopping.

The WOW Weekend follows the Colorisity Retreat. 


Blush Lux VIP or General Admission ticket options can be added to Retreat registration


Come for the Retreat, stay for WOW


Great opportunity to use what you learn at the Retreat


Super fun way to cap off the event

What People Are Saying

I have always been the type to look for the why in things, mostly why I turned out the way I have. I had DeBorah give me a full Colorisity Report, including the natal chart, and it was eye-opening, to say the least. It resonated so deeply with me and supported my own insights about who I was, now and as a child (and as a younger woman).

Shannon Van Enger

Van Enger Virtual Services

The moment I met DeBorah I knew I had to work with her. She saw through to my deepest Secret Self and my potential. She’s given me the confidence to love myself again and take powerful steps to reclaim my life.

My natal chart was so on point, it was almost spooky. I can’t wait to go deeper with this to see what’s next for me.

Lisa Varga

The Black Pearl Salon

I was so fortunate to have our paths cross on a conference call and I became keenly aware of her insight and knowledge as I listened to her share her perspectives. Meeting with her in person is a delight, and for me… I so admire and respect anyone with her skill set as they are so relevant, applicable and meaningful… and impacting.

Steve Copeland

Owner, CFR, Inc.

This all sounds great but what if….
... I need a different payment option

I take paper, I take plastic and I take cash with ID. (No, just kidding, I don’t need your ID). I’m set up to do just about anything that works for you. Just reach out! Anything is possible with communication. We have several multi-payment options available as well. 

... I need help or have questions

Just reach out. My staff and I are here to ensure you enjoy your time with us. As I’ve said before, anything is possible with communication.

I can't make it this time, but I'd like to know when the next one is

Not a problem, you can sign up for my mailing list and I’ll be sure to let you know.

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